Healthy relationships are known to be a key factor in contributing to life satisfaction and emotional well being. Struggling with relationships can leave us experiencing many emotions. Confusion, anger, depression, grief, regret, disappointment and disillusionment are common. These very strong feelings can affect us in multiple ways and make day to day life a struggle.

At Signature we take a research based approach to help you recognise negative patterns which may be hindering your relationships, and support you in building skills to create and maintain healthy and positive relationships.

Signature relationship counselling is

  • confidential
  • professional
  • available on an individual or a couples basis

How Will Relationship Counselling Help?

Signature relationship counselling will help you to see matters from a fresh perspective. At times of relationship difficulty it is especially important to be able to recognise what's not working for the relationship, to resolve this, and to work to deal with old hurts which may be preventing the relationship from thriving.

Signature relationship counselling helps you with

  • Repeated patterns of conflict
  • Getting over a relationship break up
  • Separation and divorce
  • Communication issues
  • Infidelity/betrayal
  • The sense of something missing in relationship/”not enough”
  • Past hurts
  • Distance and disconnection in relationship
  • A sense that you do not understand your partner
  • Frustration and disappointment in relationship
  • Commitment difficulties
  • Confidence issues around relationship
  • Impact of working life on relationships
  • Difficulty with relationships past and present or future

Our Approach - Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)
If you or someone in your life is struggling in relationship, talk to Signature about Emotion Focused Couples Therapy. EFT compares very favourably with other approaches. Research statistics indicate that couples show a 70-73 % recovery rate from relationship distress and a 90% rate of significant improvement. This compares with a 35% recovery rate for couples receiving behavioural interventions. It is Signature’s preferred approach and it is one that works!

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