Career Management Services

Who may benefit?

Signature offers a range of Career Management and Work Psychology services. The following services are available to individuals and organisations

Career Counselling/Career Profiling/Psychometric Assessment/Personality Testing/Outplacement and Redundancy Counselling/Rehabilitation Counselling/Employee Assistance Services/Conflict Resolution/Resiliency Counselling

Career Management

Career counselling provides support and structure to allow the individual to make effective career decisions and manage a wide variety of career-related issues. Enhanced career management skills help individuals to focus their efforts, leading to increased motivation and job satisfaction.

Career assessment, including psychometric testing, and career counselling is available to school leavers, tertiary students, those considering career change, individuals returning to the workforce following a period of time away, or those who are leaving the workforce due to retirement or redundancy, for example.

What does Career Counselling involve?

The first meeting focuses on clarifying the current career situation and agreeing how a career coaching programme can be tailored to meet individual circumstances. Over several sessions involving psychometric assessment, career counselling and career planning, the individual is guided through the stages of clarifying 'Where am I now?', 'Where do I want to get to' and 'What do I need to do to get there?'

Career coaching is uniquely tailored to suit individual needs. Some of the elements which may be incorporated in a career counselling package include…

  • Identifying areas of work which are likely to provide high degrees of job satisfaction, work commitment and wellbeing at work. Signature Psychologies uses a range of validated psychometric assessment tools to identify areas of work to which the individual is 'a match'.
  • Identifying personal strengths and limitations
  • Identifying barriers to career progression
  • A stocktake of career to date - learning from the past in order to clarify direction and priorities for the future
  • Increased clarity about personal style, strengths, motivators and needs and how to match these with potential career opportunities
  • Learning how to conduct a productive job search
  • Enhancing self-presentation and interview skills
  • Making career decisions with greater confidence
  • Dealing effectively with work-related stress
  • Managing relationships and conflict at work
  • Implementing career plans
  • CV development
  • Understanding the factors influencing careers in today's organisational world and the skills involved in managing your own career
  • Building personal and career resilience
  • Identification of marketable skills, achievements and expertise and increased understanding of how best to present these
  • Preparing for selection processes - CV preparation, interviews, assessment centres

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Work Psychology

Signature Psychologies provides the following work psychology and counselling services

Outplacement Services: Redundancy is a common feature of today’s workplace and both emotional and practical support are helpful during stages of the working life which are affected by redundancy.

Rehabilitation Services: for clients requiring rehabilitative interventions following physical injury or psychological ill health

Employee Assistance Services: one to one counselling for the range of difficulties which can emerge during day to day working lives. These can include stress, conflict, relationship difficulties, depression and anxiety and work/life balance issues

Workplace Stress/Burnout: Many workplaces can be demanding and difficult and create high degrees of stress for the people working within these environments. Stress management counselling deals with the prevention, management and treatment of work related stress. It is noted that burnout is a special type of stress. If you believe you may be experiencing burnout or high degrees of workplace stress contact Signature today.

Resiliency Counselling: the contemporary workforce presents many challenges. Now more than ever it is important that organisations maximize the performance and wellbeing of employees by taking a proactive, preventative approach to well being. Resiliency Counselling helps ensure that stress is “the spice of life” and not “the kiss of death”

Conflict Resolution: Conflict at work can create high degrees of stress for the parties involved. Signature Psychologies offers skills and strategies which will support you in creatively harnessing the energies of conflict.

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