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After finally admitting I had been depressed for many years I decided to do something about it. I had read about Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) but had been very cautious about the idea of opening up and talking about how I saw myself. Working with my therapist around the negative beliefs I held about myself helped me understand how harsh and unfounded many of those beliefs were. I had also limited my life in many ways which completely reinforced the beliefs over the years. CBT taught me to how recognise the type of thinking which was causing me to feel so badly about myself. I learnt how to question and challenge the truth of the beliefs I held. As a result I rarely think like that any more.


I was really struggling with relationships. They were either short lived or not particularly satisfying. I didn’t realise that many of the patterns of relationship I had set up were about what I was doing. I’ve made lots of changes since and have made relationship choices which are far healthier. I have a much more fulfilling connection with the woman in my life!


Geoff and I were always in conflict situations. Every time we talked it was an opportunity to show each other how much of a disappointment we were to each other! Our relationship couldn’t go on the way it was but we didn’t know how to change things. At Signature we learnt new skills, and have turned things around to become much happier.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy freed me from all sorts of things that I hadn’t dealt with and that were holding me back. I was feeling worthless, guilty and anxious, and was filled with stress and doubt. I have learnt to deal with many of the situations which I was actively avoiding. I now relate to people and situations in my life in strong and assertive ways.


Dieting has been a bit of a pre-occupation for me - I've tried many diets with very limited success. Over the 10 weeks of the WAIT? programme I lost nearly 5kg. Five weeks later I've kept it off, and in fact I've lost 1.2 kg more. I feel more confident - I think about food and dieting in a whole new way!


I have found career coaching of enormous value. In my old job role I was unhappy and my discontent spilled over into my personal life. After a couple of sessions with Signature, I very confidently made a major career change and have experienced much greater wellbeing at work. Needless to say in my personal life I am much much happier … everything is looking up!


Following a course of CBT I have back my self esteem and confidence. I am much more resilient and am making really positive changes in my life. I have much better relationships with family and friends and enjoy my life so much more. I feel ready for anything life throws at me. My life has changed for the better in so many ways and I look forward to every day!

Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

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