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Signature Psychologies offers counselling and psychotherapy services for a broad range of difficulties. The following outlines some of the difficulties which clients experience in their lives and the ways in which Signature can offer assistance.

Depression / Relationship Issues / Anxiety & Panic Attacks / Self-Esteem & Confidence / Weight Issues / Work Stress / Burnout / Separation / Grief & Loss Counselling / Stress Management / Binge Eating / Mid-Life Crisis / Sleep Issues / Anger Management


Depression is a very common emotional difficulty in today's society and many people will suffer from it in their lifetime. Depression can interfere with many areas of one's life, for example work or family life, as well as trigger reduced self esteem and self confidence. This can become very distressing not only to the person experiencing depression, but to their family and others around them.

Generally, depression can be identified as feelings of sadness, low mood and hopelessness, amongst others, which are experienced daily for two weeks or longer. There may also be changes in eating and sleep patterns and a desire to avoid social activity. Life can become joyless. Activities which were previously enjoyable and rewarding can become a major struggle.

At Signature we will work with you to help you discover the source of depressed mood. Counselling and therapeutic strategies will support you in working through negative patterns that may have been affecting your thinking and behaviour, and to help develop strategies and perspectives which aid the individual in becoming more positive and constructive such that meaning, engagement and enjoyment of life return.

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Relationship Issues

Healthy relationships are known to be a key factor in contributing to life satisfaction and emotional well being. When relationships go wrong it can leave us experiencing many emotions ranging from confusion, anger, grief and disappointment to a strong sense of anxiety and uncertainty about the future...

Many relationships have conflict and excess negative emotion, and problems in intimate relationships affect everyone at one time or another. Intimate relationships often create high degrees of emotional difficulty. Being in an unhappy and distressed partnership is associated with increased rates of depression and anxiety.

At Signature we strive to help people understand the causes behind relationship troubles. It may be your intimate relationships which are creating difficulty. It could also be relationships with family, friends or work colleagues. Whatever the case, negative patterns of conflict, poor communication, or distance and distress can hinder a relationship from being essentially positive. At Signature we help you recognise what's not working for the relationship, to resolve this, and to move past old hurts which may be preventing the relationship from thriving.

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Anxiety/Panic Attacks

Anxiety is a very uncomfortable feeling. When an individual is experiencing anxiety they may also experience sensations such as shortness of breath, sweaty palms, racing heart, and trembling. Extreme states of anxiety can also trigger extremes such as a fear of dying. It is important to note that small amounts of anxiety are experienced by many people on a regular basis and these can be quite adaptive. However, anxiety becomes a problem when it reaches levels of distress which interfere with one's daily tasks, work, relationships and emotional well-being.

At Signature we will help you to understand the thoughts which are triggering your anxiety and enable you to understand behavioural patterns which may be increasing and maintaining anxious states. In time you will be able to change these and feel calmer within yourself and more at peace in your life.

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Self Esteem/Confidence

Healthy self-esteem is integral to one's psychological well-being. At different times in our lives we may be vulnerable to low self-esteem and reduced confidence. Low self-esteem and confidence can stem from many areas of one's life - how we look, how we feel we relate socially, our view of ourselves in terms of our level of “success” in life, and our perceptions of how other people view us.

Self esteem and confidence issues can be distressing and hindering. At Signature we will draw on psychological expertise to explore self-esteem and confidence and to identify and understand areas in which negative feelings about self may have developed. This will enable us to get to the root of the problem such that you will be able to take the relevant and constructive steps to overcome low self-esteem and confidence. This will allow you to move forward in life, confident in being the person you want to be.

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Weight Issues

Weight is an ongoing issue for many people . We know that being overweight is bad for our health. Extra kilos can affect how we feel about ourselves. So...we go on a diet. The result? More often than not, it's diet failure.

Research confirms this pattern – traditional diets may work in the short term, but any weight lost is usually put back on again.

At Signature we've recognised this problem. We've identified the real barrier that prevents you from losing weight and keeping it off. Signature Psychologies' unique WAIT? Effective Dieting Intervention is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and offers you the answer to dieting failure. WAIT? sessions are available individually or as part of the full 10 week WAIT? programme.

Click to find out more about our WAIT? Effective Dieting Intervention.

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Work Stress

Work takes up a great deal of our time and energy. Many stressors exist within contemporary work places. These range from practical difficulties such as excess workload, conflict and communication issues and difficulties managing time effectively to interpersonal difficulties such as problems with managers, colleagues, and customers. Some jobs are inherently stressful in themselves and healthy work/life balances are often at risk.

At Signature we can support you in developing coping strategies which will support you in managing the many stressors of the contemporary working environment.

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Burnout is a very special form of stress which requires immediate attention. Burnout is characterised by some degree of depressed mood, a reduced sense of personal accomplishment (“I feel that no matter what I do I can’t do anything right”) and by a state of detachment from working tasks (“I have completely lost interest”).

If you recognise the symptoms of burnout in yourself or in anyone you know contact Signature to make an immediate appointment to discuss further.

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Separations are a very difficult relationship transition. Relationships which started with strong hopes for the future and a great deal of joy are not lightly left behind. At times of grief and loss people are required to manage practical details as well as the emotional distress of children and other family members. The future can look uncertain. Even the most co-operative of separations can trigger a great deal of stress and loss and this can be longstanding, recurrent and intense.

At Signature, we provide practical and emotional support as you deal with the pain, loss and confusion that you may be feeling as a relationship ends. It is possible that negative patterns existed within the relationship, and there may be a need to explore these to ensure that these are not repeated in future relationships.

Together we will work through issues of separation such that you are able to move forward in life with a strong sense of who you are, as well as having gained knowledge in support of satisfying future relationships.

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Grief and loss counselling

The event of a loss can lead to a person experiencing intense feelings of anger, sadness and grief. Grief may occur in response to the loss of something or someone and can be sudden and unexpected. Grief and loss can produce intense emotional and physical pain and can significantly affect one’s equilibrium in day to day life.

It is important to acknowledge grief and loss in order to promote a healthy process of working through the changing, difficult and intense emotional states which are part of the grief process.

At Signature we assist you in working through loss, and support you as you move towards acceptance of events which have occurred, in order to move forward with life.

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Stress Management

Stress is a very serious issue for many and can create a range of serious physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms. Generally, stress is perceived when the demands we are experiencing outweigh our capacity to cope. People tend to deal with this stress imbalance in a variety of ways, some of which are helpful (talking to another person) and some of which are unhelpful (excess alcohol).

At Signature we enable you to discuss where the stress has originated from and how to reduce stress such that your life is functioning in positive and healthy ways.

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Binge Eating

Key features of binge eating are frequent episodes of eating which involve feelings of being out of control and powerless to stop. Those who are affected by binge eating often feel extremely distressed or upset during or after bingeing. Following an episode, attempts are made to “make up” for the binges through food restriction, overexercise, fasting and/or vomiting.

If you are struggling with binge eating and feel that you would benefit from professional support then speak to us at Signature. We will help you to build a range of cognitive and behavioural skills and strategies which will support you in regaining control over your eating.

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Mid Life Crisis

Midlife is often a time of change. At times everything we have devoted many years to building up can begin to seem meaningless and unrewarding. Major reorganisations of psyche can take place at this time, and it is important that these necessary and worthwhile human developments are effectively managed.

At Signature we believe that harnessing the energy of mid-life is important if we are to move forward to the next stage of our lives in positive, healthy and creative ways. Contact us to discuss further if you are experiencing “mid-life crisis” type symptoms, or if you simply want to take timeout to review your life and establish new energies and new directions.

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Sleep Issues

Sleep deprivation can be debilitating. It can affect a person's job, everyday functioning, friends, family and mood. The reasons for sleeping difficulties are varied, and can include, but are not limited to, stress, anxiety and depression.

At Signature we will work with you to help understand your sleep difficulties. Simple techniques can be helpful. However if sleep difficulties are more severe, it may be necessary to also explore deeper emotional issues.

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Anger Management

Anger is a very common emotion which presents in a range of ways such as chronic irritation, annoyance, frustration, rage and hurt. Anger can become a problem when it is affecting your day-to-day functioning and your intimate relationships as well as relationships with strangers, work colleagues, friends and family.

Signature anger management therapy t akes a best practice approach in building cogntive behavioural strategies and skills which will support you as you learn to effectively manage anger. Contact us now if anger is a problem in your life.

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