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Signature Psychologies provides counselling and psychology services which are designed to uniquely suit your needs. Counselling is available for a broad range of issues including the following

Therapeutic Approaches

Counselling and therapy is available drawing on three major approaches: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, the Integrated Therapy approach and Positive Psychology.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (available on an individual and couples basis)

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a research based short term therapy. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is based on the principle that our thoughts, feelings and behaviour are closely related. Negative patterns of thinking and behaving can lead us to experience negative emotions (for example, anxiety, depression, anger, guilt). The goal of CBT is to help people overcome emotional problems amd reduce unhelpful behaviours by helping them change the way they think.

CBT is a practical short-term goal oriented therapy. Therapy usually takes place over 6-12 sessions. An extensive research base has shown Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to be a highly effective treatment for a number of problems including depression, anger management, anxiety and panic attacks, relationship issues, weight management and stress management.

For more about CBT please see our Cognitive Behaviour Therapy page.

Integrated Therapy Approach

Some people will feel that their difficulties are better dealt with through a more exploratory approach which acknowledges that symptoms occur in the wider context of their lives and life history. Difficulties are normalised as such and are viewed as human experiences which present the opportunity for learning, development and growth. Rather than drawing on a single therapeutic approach, therapy integrates a range of different theoretical orientations according to the individual needs of the client. Therapy typically takes place over 6-12 sessions.

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Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is a new approach which represents the changing face of psychology in the 21st century.

Traditionally psychology has focused on what makes people unwell, and sought to address those issues. The new way of thinking focuses on happiness, vitality and wellbeing. The strategies and techniques of positive psychology help individuals thrive and grow through identifying and nurturing individual strengths and virtues. positive psychology is a body of knowledge founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful, engaged and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance experiences of love, work and play.

It’s about enjoying life rather than just existing!

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