Sleep and Fatigue

Sleep Issues

Sleep deprivation can be debilitating. Over time we can build up “sleep debt” which can seriously affect a person's job, everyday functioning, friends, family and mood. The reasons for sleeping difficulties are varied, and can include, but are not limited to, stress, anxiety and depression.

Sleep and Lifestyle

Many of us abuse our sleep cycles. We expect sleep to work its miracle in the face of frenzied schedules, health challenges, relationship stresses, long working hours, misuse of alcohol and drugs, poor sleeping environments …. to say nothing of partners who snore, bright street lights, friends who text us at midnight... the list goes on. Our rushed and time pressured world sees many of us select sleep as the most likely place we can make a cut in term of fitting everything into our day. Can’t fit everything in? I’ll just work till 1am. Tired in the morning? Coffee, red bull, chocolate …. recognise your fix?

What are the costs of unhealthy sleep patterns?

The physical, emotional and psychological costs of unhealthy sleep patterns are serious. Sleep has a powerful effect on overall health, from immune system functioning to psychological wellbeing. The research base points to the dangers of sleep deprivation, from reduced motivation and vitality to serious illness. Further, healthy sleep has been empirically proven to be the single most important determinant in predicting how long we live; more influential than diet, exercise or heredity

  How Signature Can Help

At Signature we will work with you to help understand your sleep difficulties. Simple techniques can be helpful. However if sleep difficulties are more severe, it may be necessary to also explore deeper emotional issues. Sleep health and sleep cycle awareness are important. If you are struggling with sleep difficulties, or if you are a shift worker and require specialised advice regarding your sleep patterns, contact Signature today.

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