WAIT? Effective Dieting

Signature’s WAIT? Effective Dieting Intervention is a life-changing approach to lasting control of your weight. This innovative specialist treatment, based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques, adds a  psychological approach to the problem of repeated struggles with weight.


WAIT? ('What Am I Thinking?') goes beyond existing weight management solutions. It gets right to the heart of the problem – that what you think and tell yourself about food and weight affects your behaviour. Without changing your thinking, all your efforts to change your eating habits are doomed to fail. WAIT? targets this crucial missing dimension, and focuses on building the resources you need to deal to your dieting – differently!

The WAIT? programme helps you

  • identify thoughts and beliefs that block effective dieting
  • learn the tools and strategies to lose weight AND prevent weight regain
  • conquer your inner saboteur that keeps you on the diet treadmill
  • maintain your motivation and feel empowered
  • experience success with realistic, achievable weight goals
  • build confidence in your ability to change and to maintain your progress
  • see benefits in other areas of your life, e.g. in health, emotional well being, and social confidence

The WAIT? programme is:

  • Research-based

The strategies of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for weight management are proven and recent overseas research has demonstrated exciting outcomes.

  • Personalised

In weight loss, there should be no 'one size fits all'. The programme is personalised to your unique psychological profile – to your particular way of thinking, feeling and behaving around weight.

  • Supportive

Dieting is usually a lonely business but you'll have a Registered Psychologist and CBT specialist to work with you. Having the support of an expert who understands the  real keys to effective dieting makes all the difference.

  • Intensive

Complete as many sessions as you feel is right for you. Our full programme is 10 weeks but you may wish to complete a smaller number of individual sessions which focus on key areas of difficulty within your past dieting efforts.

  • Long-term

WAIT?  is not  just about making a short-term difference. WAIT? empowers you to manage your eating  long term, for the rest of your life. You'll develop a new relationship to food and weight, and change the place of eating in your life.

Now is the time to invest in a healthier future for your own sake and for your family. Whether weight loss is essential for your health, or you simply want to look and feel better, the WAIT? programme offers you the answer to endless ineffective dieting.

So recommit to positive change. Contact Us today to find out how you can deal to your dieting – together.
























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